Professor’s Lake Residents’ Association By-Laws

Professor’s Lake Residents’ Association

By-Law No. 1

  1. Definitions

AGM” means the annual general meeting of the Members of the PLRA.

Community Group Affiliation Policy” mean the City of Brampton, Community Services Department, Community Group Affiliation Policy

Executive” means a Member who has been elected by the Members at the AGM to serve as a leader of the PLRA.

Executive Team” means all Executives.

Guest” means a person who is not a Member, but was invited or accompanied by a Member at an event.

“the Lake” means Professor’s Lake in Brampton.

Member” means an adult member of the PLRA registered on the web site.

PLRA” means Professors Lake Residents’ Association, the name of the group.

Professor’s Lake Subdivision” means the residential subdivision in Brampton Ontario, that is bounded by the following major streets: Bovaird Drive, North Park Drive, Bramalea Road, Torbram Road.

Recreation Division” means the Recreation Division of the City of Brampton.

  1. Mandate

The PLRA is a volunteer, not-for-profit social group based in Professor’s Lake in Brampton. The PLRA will be an Affiliated Adult Group as defined by the Community Group Affiliation Policy. The group’s activities will be monthly or ad hoc events such as, but not limited to: information sessions, a summer beach party, a fall dance, a winter dance, a card tournament, and a volunteer clean-up of the area surrounding the Lake.

  1. Not-for-profit

The PLRA will behave as a not-for-profit organization. No money will be disbursed to Members. Members may be reimbursed for costs related to running an event or administration expenses of the PLRA (i.e. licensing expenses, food expenses, room rental, materials, etc.) Any profits earned by the PLRA must be retained to pay for future events. The PLRA may not borrow money. The PLRA may seek sponsorship as the Executive Team on terms as the Executive Team may determine. Annual financial statements must be made available to Members for review at the AGM.

  1. Annual General Meetings

The PLRA must hold an AGM every year at which the financial statements will be presented to the Members and the Executives will be elected.

  1. Notice of Meetings

Members must be informed of the date of the AGM, no later than 30 days before the meeting. Notice of the AGM must also be provided to the recreation Division staff liaison.

  1. Voting Rights

All Members have one vote at meetings of Members. All Executives have one vote meetings of the Executive Team. In the case of a tie, the Chair of the Executive Team does not have a second casting vote.

  1. Human rights Code

The PLRA must adhere to the Ontario Human Rights Code.

  1. Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the PLRA, all assets will be transferred to the City of Brampton or to a recognized Brampton charitable organization.

  1. Membership

Membership is open to all residents or ratepayers of the City of Brampton. Members must be at least 19 years or older. Minor children of Members may participate in events as appropriate. Residents become members by registering their name and address and contact information on the PLRA website ( or by providing the above information when registering for a PLRA event.

  1. Participation in Events

Members may participate in any event subject to age restrictions and capacity. Members may invite Guests to participate in events; however, the participation of Guests will be limited to no more than 20 percent of the total participation at the event.

  1. Amendments to the by-laws

Amendments to this By-Law Number 1 of the PLRA, must be ratified as a special resolution by the Members at any meeting of Members. A copy of the amended by-laws must be submitted to the Recreation Division.

  1. Executive Team

The PLRA will be led by an Executive Team who will be elected at the AGM. The Executive Team will fulfil the roles of: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other role that the President may create in their sole judgment. All Executives must also be Members. Any vacancies on the Executive Team may be filled by appointment of the President between AGMs, in their sole discretion, so long as the number of Executives appointed does not exceed one-third of the number of the Executives elected at the last AGM.

  1. Activity Schedules

A copy of all activity schedules/dates must be submitted as available to the Recreation Division Staff Liaison in compliance with the Community Group Affiliation Policy.

  1. Quorum

The quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting of the Executive Team is at least 50 percent of Executives.

The quorum for the transaction of business at a meeting of Members is at least 5 members.